jaipur. On the occasion of successful completion of 10 years of the company M/S Planet Shilp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.,  its Director Ms. Shilpa Jain is celebrating through expression of love and respect for the Gurus in the form of organisation of a grand event on a unique  theme titled !! Guruve Namah!! “GURUS TALENT HUNT”.  In this event on the one hand the Gurus will be honoured and on the other hand we will get opportunity to witness an unprecedented scenario where Gurus will show their talent as well as might. Yes, this event is going to be organised in Jaipur itself. It will be entirely a different kind of festival to be celebrated in Jaipur city where we will pay our deep regards and reverence for the Gurus. Whatever activities and competitions which the teachers/lecturers have been organising for their students, the similar interesting competitions shall be organised for the teachers/lecturers.
There, we will be able to see the unfolding of their creativity and also they will be honoured for their talents. In this event the competitions will be held amongst the teachers and lecturers of the schools and colleges of Jaipur City where they can display their talents without any inhibitions.
The registrations for the participant teachers/lecturers shall start from 15th April 2018. For organising this event an Advisory Board has been constituted by Ms. Shilpa Jain where the specialists of the related field will provide their valuable inputs drawing on their rich knowledge and experience. The members of this Advisory Board are Shri Manoj Gupta, Shri Shrigopal Sharma, Shri Manchand Khandela, Smt. Renu Jain, Shri Sahil Jain, Shri Rahul Jain and Shri Abhishek Kumar Jain.  This information was shared during the cake cutting ceremony held on the occasion of completion of  10 years of  M/S Planet Shilp Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.