About us

Janprahari Express is one of the Leading Hindi newspapers in Rajasthan. We are currently working with two platforms. One is online portal and other is weekly based newspaper. Janprahari Express is the only Newspaper which provides morning edition along with an evening edition. This allows us to be at forefront in providing the latest and breaking news at all hours. We extends our reach to people who may have missed our morning editions.

Our Motto

We always aim to cover each and every segment of the society notwithstanding their cast, religion, economic status. Our main motto is to provide the best of the best news which makes an impact. Also we provide news which matter a lot to the society. We are not just a usual media company who covers just breaking news. Instead of covering breaking news we focused on quality content and news. We cover almost all sections and sectors through our platform and help people to be aware of what’s going on our nearby society.

Janprahari Express Social Media

On the social side, it has been our endeavor to connect to the society on a person to person basis by drawing attention and highlighting the difficulties and limitations faced by the common man in order to pave way for discussions or policy formation with an aim of providing solutions in all the sectors and sections of the society.

Our Roadmap

We at ‘Janprahari Express’ follow a kind of nonaligned policy and concentrate only on providing the factual information without any prejudice to whom so ever may be in the ruling side. This eventually makes us dear to the people who wish to have the facts straight without any man user to change the nature of information by blending it with individualistic viewpoints. The contrast between the news pages and the editorial section is sufficient enough to prove our point.

Our Excellence

The Janprahari Express has marked its presence in almost every region of India. Janprahari being the only Hindi daily news to effectively cover all parts of India. Janprahari Express is Committed to providing fast & accurate news covering news from major Indian cities.
Our editor in chief is Rakesh Sharma. He has over 20 years of experience in Journalism and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.
We love our readers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can go to our Contact us Page and leave your valuable suggestions. Whether it’s positive or negative, we welcome you all.