New Dehli. Swaraj India files police complaint against BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj at Dabri Police Station in Delhi. Sakshi Maharaj is accused of contempt of court, inciting violence, disrespecting women and disturbing communal harmony. A female member of Swaraj India has lodged this complaint demanding quick action against the MP. Swaraj India leaders had last week demanded action against the BJP MP after his comments were aired. Police action was initiated after the BJP did not take any action. At the time when all political parties were silent on Gurmit Ram Rahim’s conviction from then Swaraj India has kept its stand clear & firm against injustice.No other political party except Swaraj India has welcomed the court’s verdict on Gurmit Ram Rahim. Swaraj India has also demanded immediate transfer of Gurmeet Ram Rahim from Haryana jail to another jail in a non BJP/Congress ruled state.