Maharashtra. Swaraj Abhiyan’s Jai Kisan Andolan congratulates the farmers of Maharashtra for successfully compelling the Maharashtra and Central Government to pay attention to their core issues – sustainable and respectable income assurance, remunerative and profitable prices of farm produce, one time deliverance from the life-sapping debt-trap and neglect of the farming sector which employs more than half the population of the country, which are the main causes of the livelihood crisis of farmers and the overall bleak position of the agricultural sector.
We fully understand and support those farmer’s who have turned down the deal worked out on their behalf by some leaders. We are with them in their resolve to continue with the historic farmer’s strike. Jai Kisan Andolan denounces the anti-farmer policies and callous neglect of farmers’ issues by the Government of Maharashtra and the Central Government and demands that they forthwith deal with farmers issues with honest intention and prompt proactive action.
Still it needs to be noted that the farmers of Maharashtra have already shown the way forward and taught farmers all over India a valuable lesson in the persuasive power of the peoples’ movements. Jai Kisan Andolan will now coordinate with farmers’ unions and organizations all over India to spread the call given by the Maharashtra farmers and ensure that the political class pays due attention to the livelihood assurance and social security of the food producers of the nation.
After a long time, farmers of Maharashtra have been able to awaken the nation’s conscience to fundamental issues of farmers. Thanks to them, these are now in the center court of public discourse. The farmers of Maharashtra have successfully highlighted these core and central issues, which is a welcome change from the usual tenor of farmers’ movements for immediate relief. While Jai Kisan Andolan has always expressed solidarity with all farmers with regard to their issues of immediate and urgent relief, we believe that comprehensive and long term planning and action are necessary to address the ailments that cause these immediate issues to erupt repeatedly.
Time has now come to increase the vigil on the issues that have emerged from the movement of the farmers to ensure that there is long term and comprehensive resolution of each and every issue