Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal actress Asthaa Agarwal takes 2 hours to get ready!

New Delhi. In every TV serial, actress are seen wearing pretty outfits and are seen creating trends among the viewers. Talking about the same, Asthaa Agrawal aka Prathana from Star Bharat’s most talked about show Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal who looks drop dead gorgeous in her Indian Irasat saree takes 1hr 30 minutes to get into her look.

Aastha loves her look in the show and has all praises for her stylist. Talking about the same the gorgeous actress shares, “Personally I take only 20 minutes to get ready but to get into the look of Prathnaa, I take almost 2 hours   to get ready because of the elaborate Indian make up and peculiar hair style with gajraas around it. Besides, the look my saree has to be draped in a unique way and lot of efforts go behind it. It roughly takes around dozens of safety pins to make that perfect drape.”

She adds, “My stylist puts in a lot of effort to turn me into Prathana. She has to bend on her knees and press each and every pleat in proper manner. She in facts has to climb up on chair to pinup up shoulder because of my height”. (Laughs)

Asthaa recently shared her pictures where her stylist is standing on stool and is helping Asthaa to drape a saree. No wonder why Asthaa looks so smashing in her look. We admire the efforts taken by her stylist and Aathaa’s patience.