Sambhar lake
Minister of State for Forest and Environment took stock of the campaign.
– More than 150 volunteers, staff-officers of civil defense, SDRF, municipal and animal husbandry department participated in the campaign.
-Rattan Sagar, Japok Dam Site completely cleaned, the campaign continued on Shakambhari site.
Jaipur. On the instructions of Chief Minister Shree Ashok Gehlot, a day-long campaign was conducted with more than 150 volunteers, staff officers, doctors to rescue injured birds in the Sambhar Lake area on Friday. The lives of 172 birds were saved in this. The Ratan Sagar, Jhapole Dam site of the lake has been completely cleaned of dead birds and the search operation of rescue and dead birds continued on Saturday at Shakambhari site. On the instructions of the Chief Minister, Minister of State for Forests and Environment Shree Sukhram Vishnoi also visited the Sambhar area and reviewed the action of the rescue operation.
Chief Minister Shree Ashok Gehlot conducted a meeting in this matter on Thursday night and gave instructions for safe scientific disposal of dead birds and quick treatment of injured birds. Minister of State for Forest and Environment Shree Vishnoi has been informed about the entire campaign, the teams deployed, the treatment being given to the injured birds and also about the process of disposal of dead birds. He also praised and encouraged the work of the district administration, civil defense, and other teams.
District Collector Shree. Jagroop Singh Yadav said that since morning, teams of 60 volunteers of civil defense and 18 members of SDRF started the campaign in search of the injured birds in the lake on a large scale and collect dead bodies of dead birds for disposal. He said that according to the opinion of all bird experts, the most important task is to pick up dead carcasses of birds and secure them for safe disposal. Therefore the rescue teams worked together to find dead birds behind the Ratan Sagar in the lake, inside Jhapole Dam, and at the Shakambhari site. The first expedition took place in Ratan Sagar where about 15 birds were found dead and 56 injured birds were rescued from this site.
Shree Yadav said that after this the teams of SDF were landed in Japok Dam where more than 15 hundred dead birds were found and 116 birds were rescued. The 15 hundred dead birds found here were casualties of two days ago. He told that whenever an injured bird was found, the doctors present with medicines on the spot were giving them medicine on the spot. A 22-member team of the Animal Husbandry Department is engaged in this work. Birds were then sent to the Rescue Center in Kachroda for recovery.
Shree Yadav said that by evening, an expedition was carried out at the Shakambhari site. The area between Zapok to Shakambhari has been completely cleaned. He said that two tractors and 30 employees have been provided by the Phulera and Sambhar municipalities at the site of the campaign. In the morning the animal husbandry department team has taken samples of birds that have been sent to the labs in Bareilly and Coimbatore. On receiving the report here, the cause of death of birds will be fully revealed. Shree Yadav informed that the campaign at Shakambhari site will continue on Saturday as well.